OHS Training

Successful Occupational Health and Safety Training CoursesOccupational Health and Safety is core to the successful long term sustainability of any business. Fortunately in South Africa, OHS is a legislatively compliant criterion, enforced by the OHS Act 85 of 1993, by the Department of Labour. At Action Training Academy, we provide health and safety consultations. Our goal is to train people how to handle unsafe situations or equipment.

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The health and safety courses offered by Action Training Academy include 1 day courses (OHS Representative, OHS Act, etc). We also offer 10 day (Safety Officer) courses. All our courses are recognised by the HWSETA as approved unit standard aligned courses and the more lengthily “Skills Programs” are also recognized by the HWSETA.

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Today, employers have a responsibility to protect the people within the workplace. We offer occupational health and safety courses. They provide employees with knowledge and skills to handle potentially hazardous situations. A Health and Safety trained and experienced professional is becoming a sought after commodity. Currently, there is a lack of this critical skill within the South African and global market. Therefore, our objective is to “Create a safe, healthy and prepared environment for all”.

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