HIV and AIDS Awareness

AIDS affects millions of South Africans. It is estimated that more than 4 million South Africans are HIV positive and about 1 000 people die every day of AIDS related causes. Infection rates differ from region to region and in some rural areas it may be over 25% or one in every four adults.

In the HIV and Aids course we cover many of the aspects of this devastating disease. In this awareness course we look to break down the walls of prejudice born out of ignorance and fear. HIV and AIDS is an epidemic that can affect anybody, our awareness course aims to give the learner a broad understanding of the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. The course looks at treatment and prevention developments. Most of all it teaches awareness which gives you knowledge and power to protect yourself, your colleagues and your loved ones. Armed with this knowledge HIV and AIDS might become a distant memory in future years.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer onsite HIV/AIDS awareness courses for groups of 8 and more which takes the stress out of having to plan a trip.

Expand your knowledge about HIV and AIDS, view our course schedule or contact us for more information about our insightful awareness courses.
HIV and AIDS Course Contents - Learner Program Outcomes

History and epidemiology

  • Origin of the disease
  • The spread of HIV
Defining HIV and Aids

  • Sexual contact
  • Blood transfusion
  • IV drug use
  • Mother to child transmission
  • How HIV is not transmitted
VCT – Voluntary Testing and Counseling

  • Benefits of testing
  • Different types of tests
Viral replication
Progression of the disease

  • 4 stages of disease progression
  • What factors influence progression
  • Opportunistic infections
HIV / Aids prevention

  • Abstinence
  • Be faithful
  • Condomise
Health living

  • Nutrition and diet
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle changes

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