Evacuation Training Course

At Action Training Academy (ATA), we offer comprehensive courses in emergency preparedness. Lives can be saved and damage to property can be minimalised when the people are prepared and have the necessary skills accumulated from emergency response training. There are many instances when emergency medical services and, in worst case scenarios, disaster services are not able to get to the scene in time – or at all. It pays to have people who are trained in emergency response, who can assess the situation and provide the correct help when necessary.

Course content:

  • Emergency evacuation plan and its purpose
  • Pre-planning
  • Types of emergencies and responses to them
  • Dealing with HSE emergencies
  • The emergency scene
  • Fire safety/housekeeping
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Zone sweep
  • Communication channels
  • General evacuation rules and duties
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Authorities and responsibilities
  • Emergency drill (role play exercise)

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