Emergency Training

Action Training Academy specialises in emergency preparedness training, which includes emergency evacuation proceduresfirefighting and first aid training.

The OHS team consists of an evacuation leader, fire warden, first aider and H&S representative – who all play different roles in dealing with an emergency. It is therefore important to have a number of staff trained in the varying roles and responsibilities.

The Emergency Evacuation Procedures Course is an accredited one-day course that provides the learner with the necessary skills to successfully manage the emergency evacuation of staff, or a building, should an emergency arise. Emergency evacuation drills should also be conducted at least twice a year, to ensure that the company environment is prepared and ready to evacuate when the need arises. We assist with the real-life planning and conducting of these drills, should you require assistance.

We provide drawn and detailed plans of the layout of your premises, where all the emergency equipment is located and where the assembly areas are. These principles should also be implemented in your home environment, where the threat of a fire or other emergencies may become a reality.